How to remove paint from walls

Many peoples ask many question about how to remove paint from walls or how to remove emulsion paint from walls or how to remove paint from wall fast. Even some people ask is it possible to remove paint from walls. In this article i am going to clear all questions like these.

If you want to brighten up your walls with a fresh coat of paint and you already apply multiple layers of paint on walls and worried about it, can you remove this before you repaint your walls? Shortly, yes you can remove it.

How to remove paint from walls

Importantly, removing paint is the only option. We are just talking here stripping paints remove from the walls it’s a long process. There are two types of paint latex (water) and acrylic (oil) paints.

Basically, we use water-based paint for interior surfaces. It doesn’t need any durability of acrylic (oil) based paints and latex (water) paint is another used to despite it’s not actually having latex (water) in the formula.

 If you are painting a wall or a floor, you may find the best way to clean up in your hands. Removing water base paints is easy but at that time if the paint is wet, but when it dries the process of removing paints is different.

Acrylic (oil) paints offer a smooth, rich look. The main problem with this paint is that usually much more difficult to clean as compare to latex (water) based paint. However, if you selected the best procedure and choose the right product for cleaning up acrylic paint it’s much easier.

Here we are sharing some unique steps “How to remove paints from walls” the right way.

There are many methods to remove water based paint from walls But here we mention 3 methods which peoples like the most. You can choose one of them for your walls.

Method 1: Clean your walls with water

Take one gallon of water and mixed a half teaspoon of soap and shake until the suds form. Then, dip the sponge into the water. You must saturate it and still wring out to remove liquid as we don’t want to soak paint and clean it.

Furthermore, wipe the wall with a sponge to remove dirt that is accrued. This may alone remove the dry acrylic (water) based paint if it’s recent. Importantly, don’t rub or scrub with the wet sponge, you must want to gently wipe the wall down. You may dry the area air dry before you continue.

Method 2: Remove with Razer blade

We will not use a razor blade to remove the paint but it can best way on a dried globule. If we are dealing with splatter or streaking with other hands then don’t worried about the blade.

You may first the razor edge at a 450 angle on the paint blob edges. Use light pressure as we slide the bottom of the globule. Go slowly as scrape the paint away very smoothly.

 Is there any mistakes being removed from walls and you make sure that you have a great handy for quick touch-ups. Importantly, you must fill any holes or gaps that can fill sanded and then move to paint.

Method 3. End with Rubbing Alcohol

Method 3. End with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is ethanol-based liquid or isopropyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can help us to clean and disinfect hard surfaces. Paint is one of them. It can remove water-based paints or oil-based paints.

Just pour a small quantity on a microfiber towel, and dip it over two fingers so that alcohol is on the tip of your fingers. Don’t be use extra force when rubbing the paint remove smoothly. If you use a lot of force to remove paints you remove the actual topcoat, won’t remove the actual topcoat you want on walls. If the paints begin to impair use a clean cloth to remove the mark from the wall. You can continue this process until you remove all the unwanted paints removes from the wall.

 In the future, must use the painter tape section from the baseboard and trim when painting we will putting the much effort that goes into the paint first place, don’t be work more for cleanup time.

How to remove oil based paint from walls

Repair later or soon come into disrepair. We want to refresh it and completely change it into a new condition. If we paste the wallpapers it doesn’t take too much of your strength in preparing the process by own self because staining is much more complicated and dismantling.

The process of the old oil-based paint from walls is too much difficult but not impossible. If you can cope with this work you must try and use some tricks for that you do that faster and efficiently.


Removing paints from the wall of the surface will depend on the ultimate goal. If you are going to repaint the wall, then a new layer of paint can be applied on top. Importantly, this way is possible if your wall is flat and the previous layer of paint is not crack and does not deform anyways.

If you see any change in the surface, then you want to clean the surface. This is important because if instead of paint walls we want to stick wallpapers or drastically change the condition of the wall.

 Furthermore, it is simply necessary to remove the old paint from the walls. This is not easy and you will require proper knowledge and physically ready for that.

It is easier to remove the old layer if it is thick and dyed many times, but if it’s first to apply even one concrete. It will take a long paint staking work.

If you want to move faster for the process. You need to prepare yourself with all the necessary tools that will help you.

  • For personal equipment :
    • googles
    • Gloves
    • Respirator mask
    • Construction dryer
    • Soldering iron
    • Spatula with sharp edges
  • Chisel
  • Knife
  • Scraper
  • Paint remover brush
  • An ax (for something similar to create)
  • Drill
  • Puncher
  • Grinder with nozzle

Paint removal method

In bathroom walls and kitchen walls more often using oil paints because they are moisture-resistant and impossible to wash off. In this condition, the best tool is to clean the surface is that the appropriate nozzle and power tools.

If combat the old paint can use a stripper that can help to remove a layer of paint from any takes cleaning process very quickly, but also its drawbacks. The substance is highly toxic, so it is important to pay attention to all safety precautions.

Another option that if you want to quickly clean paint from walls. The use of heat treatment of the surface is the best option. This will cope with the help of a hairdryer or soviet iron because it makes the paint very soft and after that, you can easily remove the paint with the help of a brush for unnecessary paint layer using a scraper.

If you have to work with a roof and wash white, it is best to use a liquid and wool roller, which can be soaked to the maximum. Depending on the thickness of the plaster layer and the duration of its application, the soaking time may vary. As soon as the top layer is wet,it can be scraped off with a spatula.

The easiest and hurried way to remove the oil-based paint is that in addition to using a spatula in addition to the machine. When you use the machine you need to wear a nozzle with a large emery paper and polish the wall and the fewer layers there are thinner the sandpaper needs to use. This is very though effective and dusty.

Remove Mechanically

Work with any tool to achieve a good result and you can work anywhere on the wall and gradually clean everything on it. Drill and Bulgarian with the brush is the best tool for work.

The work will be dusty it can’t be begun with a respirator. You need to wipe the work moistened with water with a rag. It is good to have an assistant who doesn’t work with powers tools, it may reduce the risk of a dangerous situation. Furthermore, safety involves wearing gloves because the tool is fixed in the hand and doesn’t slide.

In inconvenient places, like switch and outlets, the work will be finish with a chisel. If they badly clean the paint, it means they need sharpening. Which should be done over time. After cleaning, do not plan to level the wall surface, then it can be cleaned with sandpaper.

Importantly, When finish your work, it is necessary to vacuum well on the walls and floor where the paint was removed and Wet cleaning is must be carried out to prevent harmful substances because the paint enters into the human body and damage your lungs.

Remove Chemically

If you want to quickly and effectively remove the paints from walls.You will need a special remover that is applied to the surface of the wall and ages for a while This way is best for oil-based paint. If the top layer is softened, you begin to clean it.

With all the simplicity for work, this is the best way to have drawbacks. Firstly the cost of drugs is high and the second involves special water disposal because the contains a large number of toxins which in turn makes felt terrible smell. This is the best option for that surfaces that are painted only once.

In order to somehow the cost of a chemical solution is reduce its harm, you can be prepare a mixture ownself.if you do this, and you need more than a Kilogram of quicklime, water, and 0.5 kg of calcium. All components are mixed together and then apply to the surface of the wall. After 10 hours it will be possible to remove an old layer from the wall.

Remove by heating

The easiest and most effective option would be you want to remove the wall paint with the help of a construction dryer. When you heated up to a high temperature its softens and easily removed from the wall. If the hair dryer has worked with the paint before the formation of the bubbles.

. Furthermore, you can begin to remove an unnecessary layer of paint with the help of a spatula and it is convenient thus to work nears sockets and switches.

In addition, it is possible to note that it can be heated accordingly, does not work near the wires because it does not melt under the influence of temperature.

Keep in mind. If you work with heat be careful because from overheating, paint can catch the fire.

It is exposed to high temperatures from the paint. The harmful substances evaporate, so do not forget respirators

The work will be easy and effective when the work will finish by two people. One person heat up the paint, another is smooth the wall surfaces.


In this article, we mention all the top easiest ways. How to remove paint on the wall? If you are confusing that which method is better? I recommend you to in water-based paint ”End with Rubbing Alcohol” is the best option.

If you are in search of how to remove oil-based paint. After a great experiments people likely recommended “Remove chemically” because this is a very simple method and remove immediately.

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