How to Get Rid of Gloss Paint Smell

A fresh coating of paint can modify any space in your home on a relatively little budget. Whether you’re painting an item of nursery furniture to prepare a new baby or want to refresh one of your living spaces, you plan a long day (or weekend) of taping, priming, and painting. But what about your newly painted furniture with gloss? If you have ever painted room furniture before, you may know that the scent of any best gloss paint can last for several days or weeks later your paint is finished. This can be annoying for people sensitive to gloss paint and can be annoying to potential buyers if you want to sell your home furniture. So, it is necessary to know how to get rid of smell of gloss paint.

You can get excited about the new look of your room, and you’re ready to paint. The smell of the gloss paint can remain from some hours to many days. When you paint the room furniture, it will give a wonderful looking space and a fresh and clean look. But it also leaves behind a strong odor, which is sometimes unbearable. Especially oil-based paints and many other types of paints emit fumes that last for several days. That is why it is fit to keep windows and doors open till then the fully drying time of gloss paint. Proper ventilation is needed to allow these odors to escape, but sometimes this is not possible.

This unpleasant odor can ruin the effect of the new decoration. Fresh air can easily disperse the smell of paint, but opening every window and door is not always possible, right? So do you have the same problem? You have also painted every piece of furniture in your home, and the smell of paint spoils the whole environment. And now you need to know how to get rid of gloss paint smell?

The good advice is to take some effective steps, such as making a mixture, protecting yourself from gloss paint fumes, and getting rid of this odor as soon as your paint job is done.

Fortunately, there are ways you can easily get rid of the remaining paint fumes from the apartment’s furniture.

8 Ways to Naturally Absorb gloss Paint Smell

You do not have to buy expensive products to get rid of the odor of paint. Instead, you can use simple household items, which work like magic. Today we have put together 8 products that can help you eliminate any paint fumes. We also explained how to use them and how much total time they need. So, read below and get the answer of how to remove paint smell from room.

  • Tap Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Candles
  • Charcoal
  • Onion
  • Vinegar Water
  • Water with Lemon

So, let’s start with the first product:

Use of Tap Water

Let’s start with the most common tricks used by homeowners to get rid of toxic fumes in the home. It is also the most affordable method that you only require one can or two of water to work. Leave two or more buckets of water in the freshly painted furniture for about eight hours before discarding the water and repeating the process. Although it may take some effort, water will absorb some of the toxic fumes in the air and leave your space completely fresh.

While this advice on getting rid of gloss paint fumes works in most cases, it may not be as effective as the other methods on this list.

Use of Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Many peoples asked that how to get rid of gloss paint smell with backing soda, It is no mystery that baking soda is efficient in absorbing smells. Why is it not used to get rid of the old smell of paint?

The best method is to take some shallow pans and fill them with nearly half a bowl of baking soda powder. Then, add some water to fill these cups and leave them in every corner of the room. After about 24 hours, you should notice a noticeable decrease in the smell of the paint. For best results, keep the windows open and keep the fans running in the affected room.

Use of Coffee Grounds

Another cost-efficient and quick way to get free of the bad gloss paint smell is by coffee grounds in your room, surely available in nearly every home. You can put coffee grounds in shallow pots and leave them in a room near recently painted furniture to absorb the gloss paint fumes.

Just make assured to throw them aside once done. Please don’t use them to make your coffee as these grounds would have absorbed the solvent vapors of paint, which can be dangerous for your health. The same thing goes for almost everything other on this list.

Use of Candles to get rid of paint fumes

Use of candle to remove paint smell

Lighting a candle may be the answer to your stink problem, but be careful about choosing the right type of candle. Yes, the wax in them absorbs the odor around them. You can buy special deodorant candles, which you can easily find in smoke stores or home corridors. But if you can’t find them, a simple scented candle will do.

  • Light one or two candles in holders or cups (for extra protection) and place them on opposite sides of the room.
  • Leave them for several hours, and after that, you will notice that your room will be completely odor-free.

Paraffin-based candles release more toxins into the air, so use natural wax or soy-based candles for breathing more safely. And if you have pets and kids in your house, give extra care while doing this method.

Crushed Charcoal powder

If you need to eliminate gloss paint smell indoors, you can use inactive charcoal to obtain the job done.

Like baking soda, charcoal is kept in refrigerators and kitchen cabinets to get rid of odors due to its odor-absorbing properties. You can easily put some crushed charcoal near the furniture in the room overnight, which has been recently painted. Do not open the fan or open the window, as a strong gust of wind can spread the black powdery substance all over the place.

Use of Onion to get rid of paint smell

Use of onion to get rid of gloss paint smell

Believe it or not, onions can also help get rid of paint fumes. And no, it won’t leave your room smelling like onions!

Peel a squash of onion, grind it and cut it in half. Once they are cut in half, place each half in its shallow bowl, making sure to place the chopped onion on top. Then, place the bowl around the recently painted furniture of the room and let them work.

After a few hours, replace the onion with fresh until the smell disappears. Be sure not to use or reuse onions, as they will absorb chemical fumes.

Vinegar Water

Another thing that is very popular for removing gloss paint fumes is vinegar water. White vinegar can neutralize any odor. We all have vinegar in our house, and it is very easy to use.

  • Mix water and vinegar in two equal portions in just one bowl. (E.g., a cup of vinegar and a bowl of water)
  • Put these bowls on every edge of the room.

You can use apple cider or white vinegar, both of which will work great to absorb the odor of the paint.

Water with Lemon

If you have a little time to remove the excess paint smell, you can use the lemon water method, best done overnight. You need to fill some shallow cups with water and add some fresh lemon slices for this procedure. Then, place the bowl around the room. Water, on its own, is effective in absorbing VOCs over about 12 hours. Lemons will easily give off a fresh citrus scent that can control the odor of the rest of the gloss paint in your home.


Here are some homemade gloss paint odor tips. We hope you find the answers to your question, “How to get rid of gloss paint smell.” To avoid the whole procedure, you can also choose any less odor paint for your surfaces like Dulux quick dry gloss paint, Which is really qualitative paint from every aspect.

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