How to Get Gloss Paint Out of Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever painted your walls, chances are you used glossy paint, which tends to look more modern and have a bit of shine to it compared to flat paints. If you happen to be painting near your hair, it’s important to know how to get gloss paint out of hair in case someone gets on there by accident. This guide can help you safely remove the gloss paint and avoid getting any dye stains on your hair, along with other useful tips to keep in mind while working with glossy paint.

How to Get Gloss Paint Out of Hair


It’s practically hard to avoid putting paint on your hair, no matter how careful you are. The good news is that most modern paints wash out after a thorough rinse with water—but some may require stronger measures. Remove as much paint as possible by rubbing or pulling at it with a dry towel or old t-shirt. Scrape away what remains using fingernails or fine sandpaper.

Hot Water

If you have small amounts of paint in your hair, hot water should do. Soak a rag in hot water and scrub away at your hair. Avoid shampooing for 24 hours, and make sure you don’t use conditioner, as it will bind with any leftover paint molecules and cause them to be harder to remove. This method may take a few rinses—and more if you have lots of hair—but it should eventually get everything out.


Adding a bit of conditioner (try a deep conditioner, as it penetrates deeply into strands) may help break down that thick gloss so you can brush it out more easily. Note: You may want to use clarifying shampoo prior if there’s any build-up from hair products or styling tools.


The easiest way to remove paint from hair is by washing it out with shampoo. Be sure that your hair and scalp are thoroughly dry. Work up lather and then wash your hair. If necessary, wash twice or even three times. You might have some stubborn color residue left in your locks, but at least you won’t have that glossy sheen anymore!

Baby oil

An easy, effective way to get paint out of hair is with baby oil. Just rub a few drops through your locks, leave on for 30 minutes and then wash as normal. Baby oil is very light, making it ideal for use on skin and hair. It won’t damage your hair or scalp like harsher chemicals would. Make sure you use high-quality baby oil – some are made with mineral oils that could actually prevent paint from coming out!

Treat oily hair differently

Oily hair is thick, flat and often unruly. The best way to tackle oily hair is by taking care when you’re washing it. Avoid heavily fragranced shampoos and conditioners and opt for ones that are sulfate-free instead. Sulfates in shampoos and conditioners strip your hair of natural oils, which can make your locks even oilier over time.

Tips to Keep Your Hair from Getting Stuck in Gloss Paint

Painting your walls with gloss paint can make them pop, but it also comes with the risk of trapping hairs in the paint as you roll it on the wall. If you have already experienced this issue, don’t worry—there are ways to keep your hair from getting stuck in gloss paint! Here are five handy tips to follow to prevent this frustrating problem from happening again.

Know that it happens

Nothing you can do will make it entirely impossible for your hair to get stuck in gloss paint, so you’re going to have to be prepared when things go wrong. Just because you’re making these preparations doesn’t mean that it will never happen, but at least you’ll know what you should do when it does.

Invest in an inexpensive hair clip

I never knew how helpful these were until I accidentally walked into a fresh coat of glossy paint. I didn’t even notice when a few strands of my hair got tangled up, and it wasn’t until hours later that I noticed my hairstyle had changed—in not a good way. With a good hair clip, you can avoid problems like that. They come in many shapes and sizes, but choose one with small teeth so it won’t damage your hair as much.

Put on Vaseline first

One of my best thing to do before painting is put on Vaseline all over my ears and hairline. This will help seal up your hair, making it less likely that any gloss paint will get stuck inside of your curls. Also, when you’re done painting, just wash it off with a little soap and water.

Put on Oil

Before working with gloss paint, apply a layer of mineral oil or petroleum jelly to your hair (and head). This will reduce surface tension and keep your hair from getting caught between brush strokes. In general, if you’re going to be touching the paint, it’s a good idea for your hands and arms—and any other exposed skin—to be covered in petroleum jelly.

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