Damp proof paint

There are many ways in which a building can be exposed to moisture. Dampness in building creates an unpleasant home environment.

Presence of dampness in building is the matter of serious concern. Too much dampness can affect the structure of building. It can also damage the wood work of building.

Along this, there are many other bad affects of dampness for building and for the residents of building which are discussed below.

So, you must should take some steps to prevent building from dampness. One of the most effective way to control dampness is the use of any best damp proof paint on the affected surface.

Here, we are going to discuss the top damp seal paint in the market along with buying guide. Which will help in select and buy best paint to control dampness. Except this, we also write the causes of dampness buy that you can get idea to keep home safe from dampness.

If you want to paint your complete home, then you can read our article best paint for walls to select the best paint.

Top Two Picks

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Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal White

  • One Coat

  • Touch dry in 2 hours

  • 5 square meter coverage


Pollycell One Coat Damp Seal Paint

  • One Coat

  • 4 hours for touch dry

  • 6 meter coverage


Jhonstones Damp Proof Paint

Jhonstons damp proof paint is especially formulated to protect building and walls from moisture and cover the dampness. It gives better result on plastered walls, brickwork and stone.

It is a high opacity and easy to use paint which take 14 to 16 hours to dry after application. Approximate coverage of jhonstons damp proof paint is 4square meter in one liter.

It is a ready to use paint. So, no need of any separate thinner. Jhonstons damp proof is a very good paint to treat the naturally moistured areas of house like kitchen and bathrooms.

It will not just control the dampness, it will also give you perfect finish if you prepare the surface well and apply it in a right way. Stir it well before use. It is recommended to apply this paint only with paint brush

You can apply this paint directly on the damp surface. So, if you don’t want to apply this paint as top coat, then you can apply overcoat with any other paint of your choice.

Along with many qualities, one bad thing in this paint is that it has strong smell. But its not a big challenge. You will have to keep all the windows and doors open for few hours after painting.


  • Especially formulated to cover damp
  • Easy to use paint
  • It can be applied on the damp surface directly
  • Ready to use paint
  • Durable paint
  • It doesn’t drip from brush because of its thickness
  • According to some customers, only one coat is enough to get excellent finish


  • It has strong smell, so you can not stay near the painted surface even for a few time.
  • It is a much thicker paint
  • Its coverage is 4 meter per liter, which is not so good.

2-Polar white anti damp paint

Polar white damp seal paint helps to block the dampness permanently from interior walls of building just in one coat. It is suitable for concrete, plastered walls and bricks. You can not use this paint on external surface.

With just one coat, this paint will give you smooth matt finish. It is available in two different colors white and mangolia.

Area of 4 square meter can be covered with one liter of this paint. You can touch this paint after 2 to 3 hours off application. Its one coat will be enough if you apply it like a pro, but if second coat is required, then you will have to give 16 to 24 hours for first coat to dry.

It is recommended to use this paint on bare surface. If the surface is already painted, then remove the paint from the surface as much as you can.

It is easy to apply paint, because of its thickness, it will not drip out from the paint brush. This paint has little odor, so make the area well ventilated before application of this paint.

Polar white damp seal paint has a large number of satisfied customers who recommended to use this paint to cover the damp. You can also read the reviews of this paint from the link below.


  • Easy to apply paint
  • One coat is enough to cover damp
  • Less drying time
  • You can also use this paint as a primer
  • Easy to clean paint
  • Available in two colors, white and mangolia


  • Coverage is not so good. So, order the right size of paint can after measuring the surface you want to be painted
  • Paint has a little odor. So, ensure well ventilation during application.

3-Polycell PLCDS500 Damp Seal Paint

Pollycell one coat damp seal paint is another good choice to protect building from dampness. It will seal all the patches to prevent the dampness to penetrate in walls and give them perfect matt finish.

This paint is manufactured only for use on internal walls and ceiling. There is no need for separate thinner. You can apply pollycell damp seal paint directly on bare surface.

This paint can be touched in 4 hours of application. Its one coat will be enough to cover the damp. If second coat is required, then give it minimum 8 hours to dry between two coats.

It will cover 6 square meter area in one liter of paint. This damp proof paint is available in three different sizes, 500ML, 1Land 2.5L. So, you can buy the paint how much you need.

Treat the cause of dampness and clean the area thoroughly. Make the are well dry and then apply the paint using paint brush. It is easy to apply paint because of its thick consistency.

You can also apply this paint only at that spot of water stains. Just dry the spot and rub it lightly with sandpaper and apply the couple of coats of pollycell damp seal paint. And then you can paint the complete wall with any regular paint if needed.


  • Easy to apply paint give long lasting matt finish
  • Your job will be done in one coat if you apply it in a right way
  • Good coverage of 6 square meter in one liter
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Fast drying paint


  • Strong odor like most of other damp seal paints

4-Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal White

Ronseal one coat damp seal white

It is really amazing and great quality paint by ronseal to cover the damp of walls and ceiling and keep them safe. It will not just block the damp stains permanently, it will also give the surface a perfect matt finish.

Before apply this paint, make sure that cause of dampness has been treated. It will give perfect finish on bare surface, but if the surface is already painted, then remove all the loose paint with the help of scraper or sand paper and then apply this paint.

Ronseal one coat damp seal paint is only useable on indoor surfaces and take 2 hours for touch dry. After 4 hours of application, you can apply any regular paint or wallpaper over it.

You can use paint brush or roller to apply this paint. If the surface is well prepared and you apply the paint like an expert, then it will cover 5 square meter area with liter of paint.

This paint is also available in three different sizes of 250 ML, 500 ML and 2.5 L. It also has a slight odor. So, keep all the doors and windows opened to make the area ventilated.

Ronseal one coat damp seal paint has a big number of satisfied customers and positive reviews on amazon. Which shows that the product is really qualitative. You can read the reviews of customers from the link given below.


  • One coat is enough to block dampness permanently
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Good coverage
  • Can be applied on damp walls
  • Give a perfect matt finish
  • Less touch dry time of just 2 hours


  • Strong smell of paint

5-Thompson Damp Seal Paint

Thompson damp seal paint

Thompson damp seal is another guaranteed product to protect walls and ceiling from dampness. It will cover all the stains of dampness and block the reappearance of dampness.

This paint is for use on inside surfaces like ceiling and interior walls and give a smooth finish. It is also suitable for both dry and damp walls.

Thompson damp seal is also a one coat paint. For better result, use paint brush for the application of paint. With one liter of this paint, you can cover the area of 5 square meter.

This amazing product has a drying time of 2 to 3 hours. You can decorate the surface with any regular paint or apply the wallpaper over just after 4 hours of application.

It is manufactured on micro porous formulation, so it evaporate the moisture and prevent the paint from flacking.

This paint has a little drawback that it is available only in small sizes. So, if you need this paint for large area, then you will have to order more then one can


  • Can be applied on both dry and damp surface
  • Block the damp stains permanently
  • Take less time to dry for paint or wallpaper over
  • Cover 5square meter area in one liter
  • Only one coat is enough


  • Available in small sizes only
  • It has slight odor

6- Rustin One coat Damp Seal Paint

Rustin one coat damp seal

Rustin one coat damp seal is manufactured only for interior use to cover water and other household stains. This paint can be applied on damp walls directly and block the dampness permanently.

This quick drying paint cover the area of 6 to 7 square meter with single coat. It can also varies with the absorbency of the surface.

As tin says, with one coat of paint you are all done. But, if the damp stains one the surface are very dark then may it needs second coat. After 2 hours of first coat application, you can apply second coat.

Its available sizes are 250ML, 500ML and 1L. Measure the are where damp stains are spotted and then buy the paint only for that area. After use of this paint, you can apply any regular emulsion or wallpaper over it.

This paint is applicable on both dry and damp surface. As like all other damp seal paints, you will have to face strong smell of rustin one coat paint.

Customers who already use this products, they write review on amazon that it is really amazing and easy to use product and does exactly the same what it says on tin.


  • It give one coat finish
  • Excellent coverage of 6 to 7 square meter area
  • It is quick drying paint
  • Cover damp stains permanently
  • Applicable on both surfaces, dry and damp


  • Its strong smell make it unpleasant to use

Final Verdict

All the above mentioned paints are especially manufactured to deal with moisture and dampness in the building. All the products are quality products with some common qualities and some different then one another.

Some products has good coverage some has low. Some products has strong smell and some has low smell. You can select the suitable paint according to the surface where you want to paint.

If you are confused to select the one product from these. Then I recommend you to go with Ronseal one coat damp seal paint or pollycell one coat damp seal.

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