7 Best tile paint UK 2023

Are you tired of looking at old and outdated dirty tiles of your kitchen and bathroom and wanted to give them a new look. Here is a way to modernize them and make them fab. Best tile paints offers you to paint your tiles to give them fresh new look. You can select color of tiles according to paint on your walls.

 If your tiles are in good condition, you don’t need to replace them, you can just paint them for fresh new look. Painting your tiles is the great way to transform your kitchen and bathroom with less effort and less out of your pocket because it is very time taking process to replace all tiles and it also need more money and effort.

Wall paint is not usually considered best for painting tiles. Because walls and tiles are made with totally different materials. If you forcefully apply wall paint to your tiles anywhere in a home it would not stick to the surface.

It is very important to use the appropriate product in order to obtain impeccable and durable result. Now, It is very hard decision to choose best paint for your tiles because there is a large number of paints available in market of different brands.

After deep research, we have listed down some best paints for tiles along with their pros and cons which are easily accessible. We are including some main types, benefits and a complete buying guide, this information will surely help you to choose the best tile paints.

Products which we are going to discuss below are best though these all products works differently but all of these paint offers some common benefits;


If you go to the market to buy painted tiles you will not have many options. You have to choose from those limited options. But if you have to paint it by yourself you will have more options. You can paint as per your choice.


If we compared the cost to buy a new tile and the cost of tile paint. We will go with tile paint. Buying a new tile would not be easy on the pocket. But you can buy tiles at a reasonable price.


Compared to changing tiles of an entire home, it would be a much easier process to paint your tiles. Painting tiles can save your time and even it would not be much messier. If you are unable to find painted walls in the market matched with your room interior you can paint your tiles as you like.

1- Rust-oleum universal paint

Rust oleum universal all surface paint can

Rust oleum universal is an advanced paint. This two in one (both paint and primer in one) paint will give your tiles a fresh new look. Except tiles this paint is also suitable for almost all surfaces like  wood, metal, plastic, masonry, laminates and radiators and also be used on both interior and exterior surfaces that’s why its name is universal all surfaces paint.

Drying time of rust-oleum paint is 8 hours and touch dry in 2 hours. To apply second coat give first coat 16 hours to dry. This paint get full hardness in 7 days. This paint cover 9 square meter area in one liter with one coat. Coverage also depends on the methodology of application and porosity of the surface.

17 different colors are available in this paint so you have a option to select you desired color. Except gloss, Many charming colors of this paint are also available in satin and matt finish.

About this item:

  • Rust oleum Brand
  • All surface paint
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 9meter square/L per coat.
  • Available sizes 250 and 750ml

This superb paint is a high selling paint which has a great numbers of satisfied customer and positive reviews. Don’t use this paint if weather is not so good or in damp condition.


  • Durable
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Quick dry time
  • Easy to use
  • Available in verity of colors


  • Thick consistency
  • Not recommended to use in high traffic areas
  • Little odor. 

2- Jhonstones revive tile paint white

Jhonstones revive paint

This is a amazing product of jhnostones revive range which is Best paint for kitchen and bathroom tiles. It will make your tiles like a new one and its water based formula give your tiles a high quality gloss finish.

With this paint, you have no need of separate primer(undercoat). You can apply it directly on tiles. But if required surface is in very poor condition then it may need a little sand and little undercoat. This paint is available in three different colors, white, pale gray and antique cream.

Drying time of this paint is two hours. One coat of this paint is enough but you can apply second coat for more protection after 16 hours of 1st coat application. Approximately this paint will cover 12 square meter area with one liter and with one coat.

 About this item:

  • Jhonston’s Brand
  • Recommended for kitchen and washroom tiles
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 12meter square/L per coat.
  • Available sizes 750ml
  • Finish (Gloss)

It’s a very low odor paint, So, you don’t need to face with dirty smell if you use this paint. This paint will also make the color of grouted lines between the tiles same like the paint on tiles. Most of the customers of this paint are pleased with the result and recommend this paint.


  • Durable able
  • Slight odor
  • Easy to clean tiles
  • No undercoat required
  • Fast drying
  • Good coverage


  • Less number of colors.  

3- Ronseal one coat tile paint

Ronseal one coat paint

Here is another best product to renovate and modernize your kitchen and bathroom tiles it’s a ronseal one coat tile paint. This is a water and mould resistant paint suitable for both bare and previously painted surface.

As the name of paint shows that it’s a one coat paint, but if you are applying it over a dark color and want more protection then you can apply second coat. It’s a self priming paint so you have no need to buy a separate primer or undercoat.  

In one liter paint it will cover 8square meter area with one coat. Touch dry time of this paint is just one hour and if 2nd coat is needed then after 4 hours you can apply second coat. It Is recommended to apply with brush then it give good result and will not leave brush marks on tiles.

About this item:

  • Ronseal Brand
  • Recommended for kitchen and washroom tiles
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 8meter square/L per coat.
  • Available sizes 750ml

This paint is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and generic wall tiles. You can also use it on floor tiles but it may not give you good result like on wall tiles. This durable and easy to clean paint is available in 13 colors so you have a choice to select your desired color for decoration of your home.


  • Durable
  • Available in different colours
  • Easy to clean tiles
  • No undercoat required
  • Mould resistant


  • Not best for floor tiles
  • Sometime it need two coats for good finish

4- Dulux tile pure brilliant white paint

Dulux pure brilliant white

Dulux tile paint is also a great choice to renovate tiles of kitchen and bathrooms. This is specially manufactured for tiles have 10x tougher power and also 10times tougher shower resistant then a conventional paint.

This water based paint give your surface a great glossy finish. No separate undercoat is required when you are using this paint. Two coats are recommended to get perfect finish. More coats may be required if you applying a light color over a dark.

This is a fast drying paint with the coverage of 18 square meter approximately in one liter with one coat which is really an outstanding coverage. Recoatable after 4 hours of 1st coat. Brush is recommended for application for better finish.

About this item:

  • Dulux Brand
  • Recommended for kitchen and washroom tiles
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 18meter square/L per coat.
  • Available sizes 600ml
  • Finish (Gloss)

This paint is available in four colors and have a little odor so you can wear face mask and ensure good ventilation before application. Peoples who used this product write review that this is a satisfactory and quality paint to use.


  • Durable
  • 10x tougher then conventional paint
  • Easy to clean tiles
  • No undercoat required
  • Glossy finish
  • Excellent coverage


  • Limited colors
  • Not odorless

5- Rustins step and tile gloss paint

Rustins step and tile paint

Rustin step and tile paint is another best option to renovate old tiles of kitchen and bathroom. You can also use this paint on floor tiles. Its weather resistant formula make it ideal for both interior and exterior use. Except tiles this paint can also be used on brick walls and concrete.

In one liter this paint covers the area of 14 square meter with one coat. It is also a fast drying paint which takes only 30 minutes to dry and for application of 2nd coat give it 4 hours to dry and then recoat. Its two coats are enough to get great finish.

This paint is available only in two colors black and red. Another good this in this paint is that it is available in small size of 250ml and 500ml. So, you can get small tins for small works and retouches. It is recommended to apply with good quality brush for good result.

About this item:

  • Rustin Brand
  • Recommended fpr wall and floor tiles, brick walls and conrete
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 14meter square/L per coat.
  • Available sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1L
  • Finish (Gloss)

This paint is not suitable for quarry and glazed tiles. It’s a low odor paint not recommended to use when temperature is less then 10 degree.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in small size
  • No undercoat required
  • Glossy finish
  • Good coverage


  • Limited colors
  • Not suitable for glazed tiles.

6- Blackfrier brick and tile paint

Blackfrier brick and tile paint

Now we will talk about blackfrier brick and tile paint which is best paint for roof tiles. Except roof tiles, you can also use this paint on bricks and masonry. This is a weather resistant paint so you can use it on both interior and exterior surfaces.

It’s a tough and self-cleaning paint so you can use it high traffic areas and also in high condensation area. It makes the painted surface like a new one with its stunny matt finish.

Painted surface will able to touch in 2 to 4 hours and for second coat, give it 16 hours to dry. Two coats of this paint are enough for good finish. Approximately, 14 square meter area can covered in one liter of this paint with one coat.

About this item:

  • Blackfrier Brand
  • Recommended for Roof tiles, brick & masonry
  • Capacity is 14meter square/L per coat.
  • Available size 250ml, 500ml
  • Finish (Matt)

You can apply this paint with brush, roller and spray. This paint have a good number of positive reviews which means customers are satisfied with this paint. So you can use this paint in your home.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • No separate undercoat required
  • Self cleaning
  • Good coverage
  • Tough


  • Not good for glazed tiles

7- Rainbow One Multi-Purpose Primer And Paint

The one paint matte

This paint will solve all your problems and fulfil all your needs to paint tile. Comes with primer and paint at a time in one formulation. Except tiles you can paint many others surfaces like ceilings, walls, glass and metal with rainbow one multi-purpose primer and paint

You do not have to use primer to undercoat your surface for fine finishing. You can save your time and money as well with this paint.

Rainbow one multi-purpose paint comes in thick consistency and can be easily applied on even your uneven and rough tiles. You do not have to be worried about imperfections because it first primes your surface. Can be used even in areas where humidity is at a high rate.

About this item:

  • One paint brand
  • Satin finishing type
  • 5 Ounces
  • Container type(tin)
  • Dark Grey Color
  • Interior and Exterior paint

Rainbow one multi-purpose paint and primer formulated with a water-based solvent and can be cleaned easily with a wet or dry wipe depending on the surface. The drying time of rainbow paint is very less. It is formulated with no volatile organic chemicals and leaves no smell behind.

It is highly pigmented and comes in 12 different colours.


  • Gives excellent results in just one coat.
  • Water-based paint offers less drying time.
  • Can be applied with a roller and brush.
  • Easily clean up with warm water.
  • No volatile organic chemicals.


  • Comes in a small tin.

Buying guide for best tile paint

Though there are many types and options available in the market for the best tile paint. You may get confused about what to choose. For easing your difficulty we are compiling a list of some key factors which you should consider before buying.


There is a wide range of tile paints available in the market. Some are formulated with water-based solvent and some are oil-based. First of all, you should have knowledge about your surface then choose a base according to your tile construction.


Latex-based paints are commonly known as latex. If you are having some allergic issue then latex bases formulated paint would be preferred because it offers hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly quality.

Compared to latex paint, oil-based paint has a strong resisting capability but for drying they require more time. Whereas latex bases are more durable and dry up quickly. Both are formulated in the best way according to their functionality and you can use them as per your preferences.


This is the most important factor to look for, always choose a tile paint that is durable and can be washed easily. High traffic areas of the home get dirty easily, choose a paint which will not get dull or peel off while washing.


Always choose a tile paint that is formulated with primer within it. You can have more fine finishing and even can save your money by investing just for one thing.


Tile comes in many materials and some brands specifically offer paint according to tile type. Let’s go into a bit more detail.


Both tiles are made with almost the same procedure. Manufacturers cut the clay into a specific shape and bake it at a high temperature and add a patterned glaze. But the difference here is that ceramic tiles are manufactured by using white, red, or brown clay and porcelain tiles are made by only using white clay. Feldspar and sand are added to the mixture of porcelain before baking tiles.  Both tiles are waterproof and durable.


People who have tile floors in their house know how much they have paid for tiles. They do not want to invest money again for tile paints. There are many tile paints available in the market which are top ranked and still offer reasonable prices. Though price does not decide the quality and durability of the product, some low budget tile paint does not give satisfactory fine finishing.

Tips and tricks of painting tiles


If you want to have a long lasting and durable result. First of all, clean your surface properly because if there is any dust or grease you will not get a fine long lasting finish. If you do not clean your surface properly tile paint would not stick to the surface and can be peeled off easily after getting dry. Clean your tile floor with detergent and clean water then leave your surface for drying up completely.


After cleaning the tile surface, cover your area including edges of tiles with masking tapes that you do not want to paint. Most paints are formulated with self priming features. But for improving the grip of paint on tiles, apply sandpaper on the tile. Because tile paint just covers small imperfections and cracks but for filling large holes and cracks you have to fill your gaps on the surface with caulk. Clean extra caulk with a putty knife and after that level your surface with sanding paper. After sanding the tile thoroughly, dust the entire area. And if you are applying a primer before applying paint, with this method you will get a more fine and better finish. Usually, we will need sanding on more humid areas like bathrooms.


While doing priming always take your start from grout and move next to the tiles. Just a single or 2 layers of primer are preferred. Priming is not compulsory if you have a fine surface already. Many brands offer paints with 2-in-1 formula and mix primer with paint while formulation. And if you are choosing from the above-mentioned list there is no need to use a primer.


A roller would be considered best 8f you are applying paint on large tiles or large surfaces because you do not have to over coat your surface. But for small tiles or areas, a paintbrush would be recommended.


If you want to have a fine and smooth finish try to paint one tile in a single application. If you feel one coat is not giving the best result before applying another coat on tile, wait for a maximum of 24 maximum. In case of paint drips on the tile while applying, clean it immediately because once your tile paints get dry it will be hard to remove it from the tile. Once painting the tile is complete leave it for another 24 hours maximum. But keep in mind, if you are not getting fine and smooth finishing with one coat before applying another coat, let your first coat dry completely. Because if you apply a second coat on touch dry your paint will peel off from the surface.

Final verdict for the best tile paint

In old times when there were no options available for tile paints people had to change their whole floor or wall if any damage occurred. But there are many options of tile paints available in the market.

Tile paints enhance the look of your home and freshen up your old tiles without spending much. You do not have to be dependent on market limited options of tile colors and designs, you can make whatever color and design as per your choice with in low cost. You do not have to worried about the durability of the paint. Paints we have mentioned above are the best paints for tiles available in the market. Though they work and formulate differently, they all are best in their utilization. We hope our guide and products will help you to find the best tile paint for your home.


Most frequent questions and answers

All above mentioned tile paints are recommended. Whereas, one should choose according to his preference. But go with a tile paint that has the capacity to resist abrasion.

As mentioned above alkyd urethane paints are considered best for durability and make your surfaces stronger. They are formulated to resist abrasion and water. You can paint metal and glass surfaces with it also.

If you have applied a single coat it would take almost 16 to 14 hours to dry completely. And to apply for another job you must wait. But a single coat takes approximately 20 days to get stiff completely.

Painting tiles can be a messy job but it is not an impossible job that requires a professional. You can paint your tiles on your own with the right paint, tools and following the right procedure. In our article, we have shared every information with you.

This entirely depends on 2 main factors: room lighting, room decor, and architecture. If you have more lighting in the room you can go with dark color but if you have low lighting then go for a light color. And choose a design and pattern of paint which will complement the decor and architecture of your room. Keep these important factors in your mind before choosing a color.

Finishing is the upper paint coat on the tile surface which can be polished later for shine. Usually, there are stain, matte, natural, and shiny finishes that are preferred for painting tiles.

Users can make patterns easily and cleanly with stencils on any tile floor. It can be a time-consuming task but it is worth waiting for. But for beginners, we will recommend first try it out on any testing tile.Ans. You can clean your paint from tiles with three methods. Carefully scrape the maint with a knife or a scraping tool which has a thin sharp blade and simply clean tiles with soapy and warm water. The next option is to warm your paint with a heat gun till your pain starts becoming tacky and peel off paint with a scraper. The last one is that if your tile paint is hard and the first two methods are not working, use a paint remover which has a citrus-based detergent and at the last scrub your paint simply.

Look for a paint which is durable, easy to clean, apply, gives fine finishing, with which you do not have to use primer and also resistant to dirt, stains and moisture.

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