7 Best white gloss paint 2023

Along with the wall, we can use best gloss paint on many other surfaces also like wood and metal. Gloss paint offers a good result if we are planning to paint our furniture, door, windows, and ceilings. We can use gloss paint on the interior and exterior of our home. Gloss paints come in many different colors and you can choose as per your choice.

Gloss paints are basically found in two types: water-based gloss paints and oil-based gloss paint. Both types work differently but each of them is considered best for white gloss paint.

But many people complain that their white gloss paints turn yellow after some time. That is why today in our article we are going to review some of the best white gloss paints along with their pros and cons so you do not have to face the issue that your white gloss paint turned yellow.

Also, we are going to discuss some types of gloss paints, some tips which can protect your gloss paint from being yellowish over time, and a complete buying guide that will surely help you to choose the best white gloss paint.

Water based paint vs oil based paint

Water based paint

It is also known as Emulsion paint.  To make thin, water is used in this paint.  In this type of paint, polymers and lytex pigment are used with water. It is also known as plastic paint.

This paint can be used on inter and exterior surface . You can apply it directly, but for better finish apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint. Life of water based paint will be 4 to 5 years on interior surface and 3 to 4 years on exterior surface.

Oil based paint

This paint is also known as enamel paint. Oil and pigment is used in this paint. This paint dries slowly and turpentine oil is used in this paint before apply to make it thin. After completion of work , turpentine oil is also used for cleanup. We can also use paint thinner except turpentine oil.

This paint is for used on wood and metal surface. It is suggested to apply one coat of primer and then apply this paint. Life of this paint can be 5 to 7 years and then you need to apply the paint again.

There are so many gloss paints are available in market of different brands. Here are the list of 7 best gloss paint in uk 2023.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best White Gloss Paint

Dulux Quick dry gloss Paint
Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint
  • Recommended for wood and metal surfaces
  • Coverage: Up to 16 Meter Square Per Liter
  • Drying Time: 6 Hours for fully Drying and Recoating
  • Required Coats: 2
Dulux once gloss paint
Dulux Once Gloss Paint
  • Suitable for Wood and Metal Surfaces
  • Coverage: Up to 12 Meter Square Per Liter
  • Drying Time: 16 Hours for fully Drying
  • Required Coats: 1
Rust Oleum Universal Paint
Rust Oleum Universal Paint
  • All Surfaces Paint Wood, Metal, Radiator, Tile etc.
  • Coverage: Up to 9 Meter Square Per Liter
  • Drying Time: 8 Hours for fully Drying
  • Required Coats: 2

1- Dulux quick dry gloss paint - Best for Wood and Metal

Dulux Quick dry gloss Paint can

Dulux Quick dry gloss is the paint which is recommended by most of the professional decorators. This is the water based paint which takes only six hours to dry fully and only one hour to touch dry. Another good feature of this paint is that this paint has no odor like other paints which will affect your lungs.

Dulux trade quick-dry gloss provides the best coverage of 16 meter with a premium longer-lasting bright white gloss finish. It is a waterborne paint made from a PU ALKYD EMULSION containing polyurethane. A polymer which is highly effective at giving waterborne paints high scratch resistance and film toughness.

To look straight quick dry gloss is based on a solvent boam type polymer but blended into water such that when the paint dries the water comes off and what you’re left which is a classical more solvent boam type system this gives it gloss and the durability as well.

The alkyd emulsion also gives Dulux quick dry gloss paint the quality finish traditionally associated with solvent boam paints as well as extending open times and improving leveling and flow.

Compared to many other paints Dulux quick-dry gloss paint is formulated with low volatile organic chemicals and can be used safely in poor and less ventilated areas.

This paint is formulated in thin consistency and can be applied with roller and brush also but if you want to have a more fine finishing and non-dripping painting, apply it with a roller.

About this item:

  • Dulux Brand
  • Recommended for wood and metal surfaces
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 16meter square/L per coat.

This paint is prepared to use for interior and exterior wood and metal . And this paint is available in many colors like orange, gray, white etc. But Dulux write the name of colors differently like a white color is named as a brilliant white and orange is named as a Orange Fizz.

Now, people have no time to wait for many days for drying the paint. Dulux quick dry paint solved this problem with his fast drying ability. so, in a few hours,


  • Fast drying paint has a very quick drying time, provide beautiful gloss finish in two coats
  • Ready to use paint, no separate undercoat is required
  • Paints smell is quite bearable, keep room ventilated during paint application
  • Paint goes on easily without dripping and running
  • Use roller instead of brush for application if you are not a regular painter


  • Sometimes you need more then two or three coats for good perfect finsih.

2-Dulux once gloss paint - One Coat Finish

Dulux once gloss paint can

Once gloss pure brilliant white is another best white gloss paint in uk introduced by dulux. This is an oil based paint which provides only one coat finish. With one coat of this gloss paint, you are all done.

This paint gives high gloss finish on interior and exterior surfaces, its a best paint for skirting boards, furniture and other wood and metal surfaces. No other paint can give that type of finish with a single coat. It has been advised by professional decorators to apply thick coat.

Dulux once gloss paint takes almost 16 hours to fully dry. It is recommended to use in the area with good sunlight. To avoid this paint to get yellow, you can use water based formula.

You can cover almost 12 meters with just one liter of Dulux once gloss paint. And for next time use, you can store it in a dry and cold place.

About this item:

  • Dulux Brand
  • Recommended for wood and metal surfaces
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 12meter square/L per coat.

By using this paint you can also save your time, you do not need to waste your time on second coat. And you do not need to apply undercoat on mostly previous painted surfaces when you are using Dulux once gloss paint.


  • Paint provide only one coat finish if you apply it generously, otherwise it needs more
  • If the surface to be paint is not so rough, then you can use this paint without using primer on the surface
  • Paint can use on both interior as well as exterior metal and wood surfaces
  • Provide perfect high gloss finish with coverage of 12 to 14 square meters in one liter.


  • Paint can get yellow over time, so avoid it to use in direct sunlight area.

3-Rust oleum universal all surface paint

Rust oleum universal all surface paint can

Rust oleum white gloss paint is one of the best two in one (paint + primer) gloss paint in the market. This paint can be used on all surfaces, it is very easy to use on wood, metal, plastic and also a best paint for tiles.

Rust oleum universal gloss paint can be used on indoor as well as outdoor surface. It is available in many colors like  white, green, blue and green etc. This paint covers the area of 9 meter square per liter with one coat.

This paint takes two hours for touch dry and almost 8hours for fully dry but if 2nd coat of paint is required then you have to give 16 hours to dry then you can apply 2nd coat.  In 7 days this paint will get full hardness. This paint should not be used on wet places and at low temperature.

About this item:

  • Rust oleum Brand
  • All surfaces paint
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 9meter square/L per coat.
  • Available in 250 and 750ml tin

A reviewer said that this paint is a little runny but it gives you very good finish and it will completely transform you surface into new one. It says on the tin no need of undercoat, but you do if you want a good finish.


  • Paint has less touch drying time and can be fully dried in hours of application, depends on weather condition
  • As mentioned on tin, paint and primer in one, but for perfect finish on poor surfaces, you can apply primer first.
  • Different stunning colors and two different sizes of paint tin are available for small and large area.
  • Paint based on durable formula, so it can also use on exterior surface as well as interior.


  • As like other gloss paints, its coverage is not so good and need more than two coats for some surfaces
  • Needs primer separately if the surface is not in good condition.

4-Crown quick dry gloss paint

Crown quick dry paint

Crown quick dry gloss paint is one of the real wonderful thing. This is a water based paint which is very pleasant to use. Gloss paint allows me to paint both inside and outside and give me the high gloss finish.

Now as a quick dry gloss paint you can apply it on the surface. You can touch this paint after one hour of application and if the second coat of paint is required then you need to give almost four to six hours for fully dry to 1st coat.

we strongly recommend the type of brush use is a synthetic bristle brush these are absolutely fantastic to put a nice coat on the surface and it reduce the amount of brush marks you might get with a conventional bristle brush.

One off the best thing with water based paint is that it dries through evaporations so it does not go yellow it stay white and in this case we got pure brilliant white.

With one liter of Crown quick-dry gloss paint, you can cover 16 meters. And if you are buying it for a small area then a 2.5-liter container would be enough. You can easily clean it with a wet wipe or cloth.

About this item:

  • Crown Brand
  • Recommended for wood and metal surface
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 16meter square/L per coat.
  • Available in 750ml and 7.5L tin

Another good point of this paint is that it is odor free and indeed it’s the breathe easy formulation. But this paint is not recommended to use at very low temperature.


  • Paint is quick drying and provide long lasting gloss finish for long time
  • Ends with tough and durable film on surface, which helps to avoid paint to get yellow over time
  • Paint based on low odor formulation and suitable for many surfaces
  • Goes smoothly and Easy to apply paint with nice coverage


  • Can not be used at low temperature
  • Leave brush marks on surface with conventional bristle brush.         

5-Dulux non drip White gloss paint

Dulux non drip paint

Dulux non drip gloss paint is another best gloss paint introduced by dulux. As it is manufactured on the non drip formulation so this feature makes this paint very easy to apply. You can use this paint on interior wood and metal and radiators also.

This paint takes 16 hours to dry then you can apply second coat if required. This paint provide long lasting finish to door and windows but Sometimes this white gloss paint starts to turn yellow when sunlight does not reached the painted surface or over time. In this case you can use Dulux quick dry white gloss paint which is a non yellowing paint.

About this item:

  • Dulux Brand
  • Recommended for wood and metal surface
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 12meter square/L per coat.
  • Available in 250 and 750ml tin

No need to apply undercoat. It has a slight odor but not as bad as like other paints. Best time to apply this paint is day time and then keep open all the doors and windows.

A customer write the review that this is a great highly recommended paint for perfect outcome, it need two coats to look it best and it is worth it for flawless, white finish.


  • Its thick consistency make it non drip and easy to apply, so it can easily applied with brush
  • For use on surfaces in good condition, paint can used directly without using primer
  • Usually it need two coats for perfect finish, it also depends on surface condition.
  • Comes in different sizes of tin, 0.77L, 1.25L and 2.5L.
  • Provide long lasting protection on both sides interior and exterior.


  • It has slight odor so it can be uncomfortable to use, ensure good ventilation during application

6-Jhonstone’s quick dry brilliant white gloss paint

Jhonstone’s brilliant white paint

 Now the world is very fast and in this fast world peoples have no time and they cannot wait for many days or week to dry the paint. So people give prefer to use quick dry gloss paint. Jhonstone’s quick dry gloss paint is another best quick dry gloss paint.

This paint allows to touch after 1 to 2 hours. And if you need to apply second coat, then drying time of 3 to 4 hours is enough at moderate temprature. This paint covers the area of 10 meter square per liter with one coat.

This is non yellowing paint also manufactured on water based formulation. This paint is for used on interior wood and metal surfaces. To get high gloss finish apply this paint with synthetic bristle brush or a roller.

About this item:

  • Jhonstone’s Brand   
  • recommended For wood and metal surface 
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 10meter square/L per coat.
  • Available in (250 ,750)ml (1.25,2.5)L tin

This is low odor paint and not recommended to use when temperature is less then 10 degree or in damp condition. Except brilliant paint this paint is also available in many different colors like grey, red, silver, black etc.


  • Paint has very quick touch drying time and recoating time
  • Give high gloss finish on interior surfaces like wood and metal with quality brush and roller
  • Paint is durable with water based and low odor formulation
  • Provide not yellowing perfect gloss finish for long time and keeps the surface good looking


  • In case of temperature less than 10 degree and in wet condition, we don’t recommend you to use this paint
  • Coverage is good but not so good as compared to other products

7- Layland trade fast drying gloss paint

Layland trade fast drying paint

Designed for interior and exterior woodwork and metal work Layland fast drying brilliant white paint helps to get the job done within a day. It is a water based paint which has no odor and will not yellow over time.

If applying prevesiouly painted woodwork, all you need to do is a light sand. If you do have bare timber, layland fast drying undercoat can also be used as a primer. This is a perfect for the job.

Its got great covering power and excellent adhesion, meaning you are getting more from the top coat. The under coat layer needs at least 1 to 2 hours  to dry. once that dry you can follow on with the top coat. Once you have applied top coats allow three to four hour to dry.

You can apply this paint with roller or brush.  But brush is recommended to apply this paint.

About this item:

  • Layland Brand
  • Recommended for wood and metal surface 
  • Container type (Tin)
  • Capacity is 12meter square/L per coat.
  • Available in (750)ml (2.5)L tin

Peoples who used this product write the review about this paint that this is a decent paint which is very easy to use and very easy to clean. It gives the surface a long lasting high gloss finish.


  • Fast drying paint with non yellowing and low odor ability
  • Water based paint and easy to use, made up of great consistency
  • Interior and exterior surface paint, suitable for wood and metal
  • Easy to clean paint tools after use with water or thinner


  • As like others, this paint also cannot be use at low temperature.
  • Brush marks can be spotted if you don’t apply it generously.

Tips to prevent gloss paint from turning yellow

If you are using the best white gloss paint it will not turn yellow over time. It does not matter whether you are applying one coat or two. There are a few tips and tricks which can help you to prevent your white gloss paint from turning yellow.

  • Look for white gloss paint that is formulated without oil chemicals. It would not be a problem now because due to innovation many brands formulated paint without an oil base.
  • The next and most important step is to make sure that the room in which you are applying white gloss paint gets a good amount of sunlight. Many people assume that sunlight turns your white gloss paint into yellow but it is totally opposite.
  • Before cleaning your white gloss paint make sure that you are using the right method and high-quality products. The best method to clean your white gloss paint is to make a mixture of warm water and a detergent to clean white gloss paint. Do not use ammonia because it turns your white gloss paint into a yellowish color quickly.
  • While applying paint make sure that you are getting enough paint on the brush. Apply in changeable and slow-motion but move your hand quickly. Usually, white gloss paint dries fast and can make your paint look patchy.
  • Before painting, check properly on which area you are applying white gloss paint and are being used for which purpose. Areas where cooking grease, cigarette smoke are found in high quantity turnouts yellow real quick.

Buying guide for best gloss paint

No matter for which purpose you are buying a paint you will always in need the best paint for a fine quality finish and for a long-lasting outcome. Choosing paint is not an easy job because in the shop almost all products look the same but all work opposite to each other and are different in quality. Above we have reviewed the top best white gloss paint available in the market. But there are some key factors you should look for before buying paint.


Volatile organic chemicals are found in many oil-based and water-based paints. These chemicals can be easily evaporated into the air and emit harmful toxins into the air. You can have nausea, headache, kidney, heart, and many other health issues with the volatile organic chemicals. If your product has a higher rate of volatile chemicals in paint then it will take more time to reduce the smell from your painted area. Also if the paint is formulated with low volatile chemicals it will take less time to dry. So always look out for paint that is labeled with low or zero volatile organic compounds.


There are many brands available in the market which formulated paint by also combining primer with it. The self-priming feature allows you to have a fine finishing surface. And you do not have to apply primer separately. One more benefit you can have is that you do not have to invest separately in buying a primer. You can have two benefits in one product.


If you are applying paint in humid weather or in an area that has a damp mold resistor feature will help you to prevent mildew, mold, and fungus in the future. Some brands also formulated paints with antibacterial formulas.


This feature actually decides the shining level of your paint. There is a basic rule for gloss paints: the higher the rate of gloss available in your paint the more harder and durable it would be. And it can resist better moisture and stains. There are few levels of gloss you can choose from.


Flat gloss is commonly known as matte finishing and considered best to paint interior walls. They do not have much shine and are preferred for old walls and ceilings. These paints will be helpful for hiding dents, patches, and nail holes. You can apply flat gloss paints with a brush and roller also. A flat gloss finish mostly goes best for wall painting.


High gloss finishing is basically used on walls but many people like to use it on their wooden interior also because of its high shininess. But compared to flat gloss you have to do more than one coat for high-gloss and takes more effort and more preparation and drying time. High gloss paints are more durable and you can use them even on the exterior of the home.


Satin gloss finishing paint offers a low sheen and soft look to the interior and exterior of your house. These paints have a strong capacity to resist mildew and you can clean it with just wiping or scrubbing lightly. But satin-gloss paints will not go best with places with a lot of imperfections. Due to its UV protection, you can also use it in humid weather.


This finishing is less shiny than high gloss but compared to satin it will give a more shiny look. Semi-gloss finishing is considered best for pale shades and off-white color. You can cover your wall imperfection with just a single coat. This finishing is known best for resisting moisture. Can be used in humid areas and can be easily cleaned with light scrubbing and wiping.


This gloss finishing offers a washable and soft look to the surface. If we see it from a specific angle in the light we can resemble it with an eggshell one which people named it on. Durable and easy to clean compared to flat finishing and can protect from any weather condition. Gives such a fine outcome that you do not even see brush strokes or brush marks after applying.


Colorant formulation decides on which degree paint will fade with the passage of time.  Compared to bright green and yellow, brown and white color stays for a long time. And the tinting base offers to control the foundation of color and control the toughness and resistance quality of paint from dirt and also decides the hold-up ability of paint while scrubbing.


For your inner satisfaction before bringing, a large tub or container of paint do check out its testing sample. Before painting your entire area apply on a small area and check whether it is offering a fine finish or not.

Final verdict

Gloss paints are usually used as the last coat on your paint. You can use gloss paint on doors, floors, walls, and ceilings also. Compared to many other types of paints gloss paint is available in many finishes and can be applied comparatively easily.

But if you are searching for a white gloss paint that does not turn yellowish quickly then go for a gloss paint that is formulated with a water-based. Compared to oil-based gloss paint these water-based solvents can remain white for a long time. In old times basic gloss paints were considered best and used for white gloss paints which do not turn out yellow. Because these paints were formulated with EU formula which lessens the amount of volatile organic chemicals which helps to control the paint from turning yellow.

Gloss paints are dried up quickly and can be cleaned easily with any wipe just apply it in the right direction. We have added a list of the best white gloss paints, they are best for interior and exterior surfaces, and have less tendency to turn yellowish but if you want to have a much more fine result apply a base coat of primer before painting.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can use white gloss paint to paint doors, windows, and wooden furniture. And if you are applying it on metal windows, gloss paint can even protect your windows from rust in the future.

When there is poor sunlight in your room or your room is less ventilated, paint turns yellow over time. Also, on some areas which are behind furniture and where even the artificial light did not reach paint turns yellow with time.

If you want to have a good finish always use gloss on last. Some people use gloss first but they did not get the best result and have to cut it later. Basically, gloss paints are finishing coat paint on walls, ceilings, and floors. But for applying gloss paint you will need a sharp brush.

Usually for fine finishing rollers are used on flat areas. If you are applying gloss paint on doors with a roller then choose a small roller. Paint your door quickly but do not overcoat your paint because it would look runny and you will not get fine finishing. But with a paintbrush, you can control your gloss paint from dripping and can spread the paint evenly.

If we compare water-based paint with an oil base, these paints are the best choice for exterior and interior because they have a tendency to fight with the weather. They do not turn yellow or dull with time.

Along with applying a new coat of paint. You can clean the surface of white gloss paint with a mixture of water and bleach.

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