12 Best ceiling paint

As we all know if we are suffering from stomach issues we will not get better by taking medicine for headaches. The same goes with the paints. Painting the ceiling is totally different from wall painting. The ceiling is the top part of our room connected to the roof. Everyone is aware that materials made in the construction of walls and ceilings are totally different. By painting our ceiling with wall paint we will not get a fine finish unless paint has a compound that can be applied on both. Painting ceilings can be messier, effort-taking, and time-consuming. Fortunately, recently the paint industry has done a lot of innovation. Now you can find best ceiling paint for different bases and in different textures easily.

After deep research, we are going to compile a list of the best ceiling paints along with their pros and cons. With so many choices available it could be difficult to find the best paint. A simple mistake while choosing and applying paint can affect the appearance of your overall room. If you are thinking about upgrading the paint of your home ceiling our detailed guide review will surely help you to choose the best paint for the ceiling. Furthermore, we are including a step-by-step procedure to paint a ceiling.

glidden letex paint

Our first choice is Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint. Made with spatter control and low odor formula. Paint is really easy to clean and can even paint rough popcorn ceilings easily.

Mostly painters fill imperfections or remove ceiling boards if damaged before starting painting. But with Glidden Latex Ceiling you do not have to waste your time on replacing or repairing ceiling you can cover imperfections easily by using a paint design.

Glidden Latex ceiling paint has rubber latex which helps to fill holes and cracks on the surface of the ceiling. You do not have to put pressure on the brush while applying paint.

The paint dries up perfectly in just 1 hour and offers an excellent finish even if you use it with a spray gun. Glidden latex paint offers a great 3.785-gallon tub with which you can easily paint every ceiling of your home and still, there will be paint left in the gallon. With just one coat you can cover any damages to your ceiling. Furthermore, this paint is not very expensive with these amazing features for painting your ceiling.


  • Have less volatile organic chemicals.
  • Spatter-resistant and low odor.
  • Completely cover the damages.
  • Hide stains perfectly.
  • On some surfaces, you need only one coat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dry up in just an hour.


  • The paint is a little thick and does not spread easily.

2. Johnstones kitchen and Bathroom Ceiling paint

Johnstones kitchen and Bathroom Ceiling paint

Johnstones is a well-known and budget-friendly paint for bathroom and kitchen ceilings. Made with eco-friendly elements and offers great durability. It dries up in 1 to 4 hours and you can easily recoat it if you want to have a protected mid-sheen finish. You can cover 120m in just 1 liter with its neutral 15 hues.

Johnstones is water-based paint and formulated with low volatile organic compounds which make it safe to use even in bedrooms.

Its perfect consistency allows you to paint your kitchen ceilings with a more fine and cream finishing compared to the thin crack water look. Johnstones paints have a resistance capacity against grease, oily splashes, and mold in your kitchen and bathroom. You can easily clean your ceiling with just a wet or dry cloth rather than using mixtures and brushes.

Johnstones washable paint comes in a 2.5-liter tin. Many professionals claim it is 10 times more durable than other ceiling paints. With all these features you can use it easily even on your outdoor ceilings. Johnstones paint is,, rn of money, and even and even reduce workload and offers perfect finishing with easy to use procedure.


  • Protected good finishing.
  • Easy application and cleaning.
  • Comes in 15 different shades.
  • Water-based paint.


  • Offers different consistency for all colors.

3. Homax Decorative Finish Roll

Homax Decorative Finish Roll

Do you want to add a textured decorative design to your home ceiling? Homax decorative ceiling paint enhances the look of the ceiling and dries up with a textured finish. This paint is high in demand among interior designers. It comes in ready to use texture you do not have to add any thinner just mix it well for once and you are ready to paint.

This paint is really easy to use. It will spread evenly and easily and comes with the non-dripping and anti-spatter formulation which makes it best to avoid paint marks and splashes on the floor and body.

This amazing paint comes with a low volatile organic chemical feature and the smell of paint did not remain in for a long time. You can paint your ceiling with this paint in different patterns and can make a unique design on your ceiling.

Homax paint is best for hiding damages in the ceiling; it covers stains pretty well. You can cover just 150 square feet with a two-gallon tub which can be an expensive choice to paint your ceiling. But if you are getting fine finishing with textured design spending money would not be a problem.


  • Excellent finishing.
  • Spread evenly and well.
  • Cover all damages and imperfections.
  • Low volatile compound formulation.


  • Not very suitable if you want to have a flat finish.

4- Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint For Ceilings

Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint For Ceilings

You can use Montage eco-friendly paint on both interior and exterior ceilings and comes with a maximum coverage feature. Montage signature eco-friendly paint is not much expensive and you do not have to coat your ceiling again and again. Montage paint comes with the best formulation and less volatile organic chemicals and freshly painted smell in the room disappeared fastly. And if you have the right temperature and ventilation in your room, the smell of paint may disappear by night. If you have any health issues and are concerned about any harmful chemicals then you can choose this chemical-free paint easily and safely for painting your ceiling.

Montage paints offer both low-sheen and semi glow features. The low sheen feature hides any damages and imperfection whereas the semi-gloss feature highlights every detail on the ceiling surface.

Formulate to protect your ceiling from mold or mildew. Montage paint is durable and without worrying about any damages you can clean your painted area with scrub.

Montage paint comes in many colors and many sizes suitable for your room size. With one gallon you can easily cover almost 400 square meters. The company offers a warranty for 10 years and many users reviewed that they stand on their claim.


  • Available in mix size and offers different color
  • Low-sheen and semi-gloss finishing.
  • Offers guarantee of 10 years.


  • Small cover indicator and difficult to understand.
  • Do not cover stains.

5- Prestige Interior Primer and Paint For Ceiling

Prestige Interior Primer and Paint For Ceiling

We are adding this prestige interior primer and ceiling paint to our list because at the low price it gives you so many amazing features. With this 2-in-1 paint, you do not have to use primer on your ceiling for repairing imperfection just clean you are and start painting. Prestige paints come in eggshell, semi-gloss, and flat finish in off-white and white paint color. Prestige paints are well known for making high-quality and durable paints.

Due to VOCs people have to face skin itching, headache, and shortness of breath, and prestige comes with a solution. People who are allergic to volatile organic chemicals find this paint best for them because it comes with a minor VOC formulation.

It could be the best choice because it dries up quickly in 1 hour and does not leave any smell in the room. You can easily recoat it after four hours and can clean it after 2 weeks. With just one gallon you can cover almost 250-400 square feet of area. Prestige is a water-based paint that you can clean easily with warm soapy water. Furthermore, it is formulated with 100% acrylic latex and prestige offers a wide range of colors.


  • Smooth and excellent flat finishing.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • 100% acrylic latex.
  • Low volatile organic.
  • Low odor.


  • Not considered best for external use.

6- Zinsser White Ceiling Pro 5-In-1 Paint

Zinsser White Ceiling Pro 5-In-1 Paint

Zinsser 5-in-1 ceiling paint is best in performance just like the name. Paint is formulated to primes and seal and ceiling damaged surfaces, fills the crack, and covers stains and imperfections with fine finishing. Though this paint comes only in one color with all these features it does not matter.

Formulated with biocide integrated which protects the coating of paint against any fungal debasement means no mold would take place in your ceiling. You can use this paint in your indoor and outdoor ceiling easily. It is durable and stays in place for a long time.

Zinsser is water-based paint and comes with a low rate of volatile organic chemicals. You can safely use it in your bedroom and low ventilated room without being afraid about the smell. The Drying time of paint is just 1 and half hours and you can recoat your ceiling without wasting much time.

An amazing feature is that the paint gives a non-yellowish finish. You can easily apply this water-based paint with a roller, spray gun or paintbrush. It covers just 10m in a liter but expending money for this durable paint would not be a pain.


  • Can be used on previously painted or bare ceilings.
  • Formulated to control fungus and mold.
  • Water-based and low odor paint.
  • Dries up in just one and half hours.


  • Offers only matt white color.
  • Cover a little area with one tin.

7- KILZ Stain blocking Interior Color-Change Ceiling Paint

KILZ Stain blocking Interior Color-Change Ceiling Paint

Kilz interior ceiling paint is specially made to make your ceiling extraordinarily beautiful. famous brand in the world of painting. With their, every product company claims a good warranty time. It can give a new eye-catching look even to your worst ceiling. The company formulated paint with special substances which even hide darker stains on the ceiling with just one or two coats depending on the area.

While painting your ceiling you might get surprised because this paint comes in pink color and after it dries it turns into white color. Kilz formulated this color with a color-changing formula. You will enjoy working with this paint. With this paint, you can easily paint your ceiling with a spray gun or paintbrush.

Formulated with less volatile organic chemicals which helps the smell of paint to disappear in 24-48 hours maximum. This could be a great choice if you want to work real quick. Paint dries up just in 1 hour and you can apply another coat after 2 hours if needed. You can hide any stain with KILZ paint easily. Comes with a spatter resistance formulation to make sure that your paint will not drop on the floor or your face while painting. With one KILZ interior ceiling paint, you can cover almost 400 square feet.


  • best paint for preventing and covering stains.
  • Cover even little stains with just a single coat.
  • Self primer and color-changing paint.
  • Work with gun spray-on textured ceilings.


  • Thick paint takes more effort for spreading paint.
  • Takes more time to work without a roller.

8- Rust-Oleum Accents Metallic 253536 Ceiling Paint

Water-based color gives your ceiling an enhanced look. Along with the ceiling, you can also paint your walls, trims, and furniture.

With just one or two coats you can amazingly change the look of your ceiling with this metallic Rust-oleum ceiling paint. Comes with a low volatile organic chemical that allows you to use it safely even in the room of kids. Rust-Oleum paints can be used to make luxurious and attractive designs on the ceiling.

Comes with a metallic tint and if you want to style your room with metallic paint then rust-oleum paint would be the best choice to give an aesthetic look to your bedroom, dining room ceiling.

Rust-oleum manufactured this paint in 15 different colors which you can choose according to your area. But this copper color is more in demand and matches with furniture in the home.

Dry uptime of this paint is almost 30 minutes which you cannot find in any other paint. You can paint almost 105 square areas with one 32oz tub. Formulated with simple applying chemicals. It would be preferred if you paint the ceiling with this paint using a gun spray. You can even use this paint to add different textures to your ceiling. You can easily clean it with just soap and warm water. Though some users find it expensive, if you are getting all these features, spending more money would not be a problem.


  • Comes in 15 different colors and offers fine finishing.
  • Can be used on all indoor and outdoor ceilings.
  • Stain and water-resistant.
  • Quick-dry time.


  • It is a bit expensive.

9- Polycell crack-free ceilings


As its name, polycell crack-free ceiling paint is formulated to recover the cracks in the ceiling and makes your ceiling name. Paint comes with easy to use formulation and fills all gaps and damages in your ceiling and gives fine finishing. It even saves your ceiling from any future cracks due to weather.

Furthermore, it is reasonably painted with all these amazing features. Polycell crack-free paint comes in two sizes 2.5 liters and 5-liter tub and you can cover more than 17 meters. You can apply this paint with a roller or paintbrush, it would be difficult to apply this paint with a spray gun.

Formulated with low volatile organic chemicals so you can safely use it even in the less ventilated area. With its less odor feature, you can use this paint even in your kid’s room.

Although polycell paint comes in just one color it offers 2 different finishes. You can use matt finishing paint anywhere inside your home but if you are using it on the exterior ceiling silk finishing would be preferred. It dries up in just 2 to 3 hours depending on the environment, but if you are applying a second coat it may take overnight to be completely dry.


  • Fill cracks and prevent future cracks also.
  • Comes with silk and matt finishing for different surfaces.
  • Offers 2 sizes.
  • Reasonable price.


  • You have to do a double coat for a clear white color.
  • Comes only in white color.

10- Johnstone’s Wall and Ceiling Paint

Johnstone’s Wall and Ceiling Paint

Johnstones is a well-known brand in the world of paints whether you want to paint for your kitchen, bedrooms, or dining halls this brand has all options. This Johnstone paint comes in 39 different colors and a large size 5-liter tin with which you can cover a large area ceiling without any problem. Formulated for a high sheen finish and enhances the look of your room even in dark. This paint is considered best for lighting up your room.

It has a silk finish and you can even combine many colors to make the color of your choice for giving an aesthetic look to your ceiling. Water-based paint requires two coats on some surfaces. It fills crack gaps well on your ceiling and even prevents it from further cracks.

Paints dry up quickly and you can coat them again easily if needed. It is a very durable paint and you can easily clean it with a wipe if any stains are appearing on your ceiling. Comes with low volatile chemicals and odor will stay in the area for less time. Johnstone’s paint comes in 2.5 liters and 5-liter tubs.


  • Silk finishing.
  • Also comes in a huge 5-liter tub.
  • Offers 39 different colors.
  • Easy to clean water-based paint.


  • In some areas, you have to do more than one coat.

11- Benjamin Waterborne Moore's Ceiling Paint

Benjamin comes with an excellent finishing and low volatile organic chemical ceiling paint. Though this paint is expensive, anybody can happily pay for this premium quality paint.

Formulated with almost zero percent volatile organic chemicals and left less odor behind. Benjamin paint offers a luxurious appearance to your interior and exterior ceilings.

Benjamin paints offer ultra-flat finishing for the ceiling and provide maximum diffusion of light in your room. Comes with a self primer and anti-spatter feature makes this paint extraordinary. You can apply this on your ceiling without any primer and offer long-lasting and durable finishing for a long time.

Formulated with anti-microbial chemicals which resist dust, mildew, and mold on the ceiling. It is not thick paint and you can easily clean your tool with which you painted your ceiling. We will suggest if you do not have any budget issue then you should give a try to Benjamin Moore’s paint.


  • Formulated with zero volatile organic chemicals.
  • Premium quality paint.
  • Offers anti-microbial protection.
  • Luxurious finishing.


  • Expensive paint.

12- Leyland trade contract matt


Leyland trade contract paint is famous for the best ceiling paint. Comes with high quality and is formulated in thick consistency but can still be applied with a roller or a paintbrush and thin formulated paint and be used with any spray gun.

Leland paint covers almost 14 meters are per liter. It comes in 2 colors one is contemporary magnolia and one is traditionally white. Both paints can cover any exterior and interior design and can be used on any type of ceiling. Paint offers matt finishing and covers even minor imperfections of the surface of the ceiling.

You can apply it easily on previously painted and bare ceilings. You can have excellent finishing with 2 coats. The brand offers a warranty of 1 year with this paint. It can be easily cleaned for removing any stains on ceilings.


  • This paint goes well with the damaged areas if they are painted before without using primer.
  • Comes in 2 colors.
  • Water-based paint offers a smooth matte finish.
  • Comes in a 10-liter tub.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Takes more time to dry.

Tips for paint Ceilings

Painting a ceiling is not a tough job if you follow the right procedure and have accurate tools. Today we are sharing some pro times with you if you want to paint your ceiling on your own.

  • Water leakage on the roof and tobacco smoke leave ugly stains on the ceiling which is hard to cover with plain old paints. But before starting painting applying stain-blocking primer will help you to cover your old stain and also prevent the ceiling from new stains.
  • Over time and if we apply paint again and again over old paint we can get bumps on the ceiling. If you have an untextured ceiling it would be preferred to use sanding paper.
  • You can cover brush marks with a roller. Cut in about every linear fit and carefully paint on the edges of the ceiling. Due to this your cut-in section will remain wet and will blend better.
  • Paint your ceiling in sections that start with 5 to 6 ft and move quickly from one direction to the next section before the paint gets dry. This will help you to stop over-layering of paint.
  • Most important, buy a paint that is specifically formulated for painting the ceiling. Because ceiling paint does not spatter compared to wall paints.
  • Prefer a wooden broom handle because they are light to carry.
  • If you have a textured ceiling choose spray guns to paint the ceiling.
  • Before starting, apply a lotion on your body for easy cleaning because painting a ceiling can leave stains on your body. A cap and safety glasses can save your eyes and hair from paint stain.

Buying guide for the best ceiling paint

The ceiling enhances the look of your house and the above-mentioned paints are best for the ceiling of your entire home. But there are many brands on the market and you might get confused about which paint to buy. For easing your difficulty we are going to add a complete buying guide for you which will help you to choose the best paint for the ceiling.


There are many types of ceiling paints but before choosing paint and paint type you must know, the structure of your ceiling. In every atmosphere, different types of ceilings are required. There are many types of ceiling available in the market like vector ceiling, acoustic ceiling, plasterboard suspended ceiling, metal suspended ceiling, and many more. Before choosing ceiling paint, considering the type of ceiling structure saves you from many later problems.


Before painting your ceiling, check properly if there are any damages or blemishes. If yes then you will need a primer, if you want to have a smooth final coat and fine finishing of ceiling paint. But if you have a good quality ceiling that can control little cracks and damages then using a primer might not be necessary.


Before starting to paint, first of all, clean your ceiling with a mixture of water and sugar soap. Powdered sugar soap is considered best compared to a liquid one. Once your ceiling gets dry you can start painting the ceiling.


Paint tools always depend on the type of surface of the ceiling. Usually, rollers are commonly used to paint ordinary ceilings to have fine smooth finishing. However, sometimes you may face the difficulty of erosion while painting textured ceilings with rollers. In this event, spray guns are considered best for paint because they have less contact with the ceiling surface.


There are a large variety of paint bases like oil base and water base. Oil-based paint has strong odors and if they accidentally fall on the floor who will require a special applicator to room it. Whereas if you are choosing a water-based paint it emits less smell compared to oil-based paint. And you can easily clean water-based paint with a block of floor soap and a wipe.


Ceiling paint comes in many qualities but you will have to have a piece of complete knowledge about the area of ceiling you are going to paint. If your ceiling area is damp you should choose the anti-moisture paint. And if you want to clean your ceiling with wipes then you should consider silk cleanable paint.


Price is the most important factor you should pay attention to. Generally, many people think if you pay more you get more quality. But this is not the case with everything. If we took an example of metallic paint they are much more expensive compared to the other ordinary paints and look different from standard paints. But if we compared with other paints these paints require more application material and effort while applying. So always go with the quality paint even if you are getting it at a low price.


Color enhances the look of a room and can attract anyone when they first come into the room. In the past, most people preferred white matte ceiling structures but now with the innovation in the world of paint people preferred to use the metallic complimenting color of ceiling and walls.


Ceiling paints are being used on all outdoor and indoor surfaces so you should look for resistance abilities of the paint before buying. As outdoor ceilings have to face severe weather damages, go with high-quality weatherproof resistance ceilings.


If you are painting your indoor ceilings you may have to pay more attention to volatile organic chemicals which are known as VOCs. These chemicals are what left that paint-like smell in your room while drying. If there is a high amount of VOCs in your paint then the smell may stay in your room for a few days. So always buy ceiling paint with fewer VOCs.


Another important feature you have to look at in ceiling paint is the viscosity. Many brands add non-drip material into the paint and prevent your paint from dripping after and during painting the ceiling. Ceiling paint viscosity helps you to cover stains and imperfections on the ceiling.


Many ceiling paints come with easy to clean features all allow you to easily wash the ceiling surface without damaging or affecting your wall paint.

Final verdict for best ceiling paint

Painted ceilings can have a powerful impression. They can make your room small or big, cold and warm in appearance. If you choose the right material it would just take almost 2 days to completely decorate your ceiling. Each painting in our article has different but fine finishing for different areas. Painting your inside and outside ceiling is not a difficult task if you do have the right tools and material. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned point and before starting painting your ceiling, clean your area and cover any floor and areas on which you do not want to have a paint stain. After that, start painting with the right applicator. We hope our list of best paint for the ceiling will help you to make the right decision and you will enjoy painting your ceiling.


Most frequent questions and answers

In three steps we can repair the ceiling if it is peeling off. First of all, use a sharp knife to peel off the ceiling from the damaged area then apply high-quality grit sandpaper. After that apply a patching compound material to repair the specific area of the ceiling. Then at last apply primer and paint your ceiling.

The ceiling requires two paint coats. Do both coats in the opposite direction, one from south to north and the second from west to east.

Ceiling paints are specifically made to cover damages and imperfections of ceilings and wall paint are manufactured for walls. Both paints do not give fine results if we use them on opposite types.

The main reason is that you apply paint in uneven motion. If you roll heavily in one specific area and light in other areas your paint will look uneven. And if you repair your ceilings before paint and do not use a primer that can be another reason for a patchy ceiling.

There are many paints available in the market with 2-in-1 qualities: paint and primer. But if your ceiling is damaged with any smoke or water stain, first prime it with a stain block primer.

If you are using any odor-blocking primer before painting your ceiling it would help to control odor.

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